Our company has health challenges.  If it weren't for the excellent knowledge and help we received from Eye on the Store, we doubt we would have been able to even get health insurance for our company's employees.  Come to find out that we also got the best price possible! 

- L. Seppinni - Santa Monica

The expertise of Eye on the Store saved our 70 employee company over $64,000 on our annual health insurance premiums.  In this economy, we really needed it.  It was very refreshing to see such innovation on such an important and potentially expensive area as health insurance. 

- Janet Bradley – Pasadena

After being in business for 15 years, this is the first health insurance broker we have had that gave us all the options available at the time.  Through them, we realized that the health insurance world is changing on a quarterly, if not monthly basis, and with updated information, we are finally in control of our health expenses for the first time.

- John Thatcher - Camarillo

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